Berlin – December 28, 2013

How did we spend our first day as a married couple?

Well, the Saturday after Christmas is a BIG shopping day in Germany.  The Germans and Americans hit the stores while we (Mr. MM, Texas, and I) set out to see some art.  The plan was to meet up at Rogacki mid-afternoon.  Mom saw an episode of ‘No Reservations’ where Anthony Bourdain visited and raved about Rogacki.

Our day was spent walking around.  I got my wires crossed in regards to museum locations so no ‘institutionalized’ art was viewed.  Let’s just focus on the sites we did see.

We made our way to Museum Island over the Bodestasse bridge where lots of ‘love locks’ have been secured.  I was reminded that while still State side, I wanted to buy a vintage pad lock to secure on a bridge during our trip.  Oh well.  I do love the concept though.

Love locks.

Love locks.

Our journey took us through Alexanderplatz on the subway to Humana.



Humana.  I had read numerous blogs and articles telling me not to miss visiting Humana while in Berlin.  Humana is a chain of vintage / thrift stores.  According to said blogs and articles, the outpost in Friedrichshain is the one to visit.  My thrift store clothes shopping days were left back in the late 80’s along with my punk-rock hair cut.  Ok, Humana is the largest thrift store I have ever been to but I was looking for mid-century modern tchotchkes not a visit to my 80’s mecca.  My high school self would have been in hog heaven.  The Humana in Friedrichshain is a department store of thrift clothes.  Amazing!  But not what I’m into these days.

It is interesting that German thrift stores have the same funky smell that American thrift stores.

L to R:  Humana, Rollmops, Rogacki.

L to R: Humana, Rollmops, Rogacki.

We met the Germans and Americans at Rogacki.  Since we beat them there, we had a chance to explore.  Bourdain must have visited in the am during the week.  This place was packed.  Not surprising as it was mid-afternoon on a holiday Saturday.  The selection of food was very impressive but I do not like to stand and eat / drink.  Plus our group was just too big to be accommodated.  I will say that the prices were very reasonable and the food looked so yummy.

Our group high tailed it out of there and made our way to the good old stand by … KaDeWe.  We know what to expect and where to go.  Express elevator from the parking garage to the 6th floor wonderland of food and beer.  I once again visited the Franziskaner bar for a bratwurst and beer.

Our second to last night in Berlin found us at a local Italian restaurant for dinner with the Germans and the Indians.  One of my favorite experiences when traveling abroad is to dine at ‘nationality’ restaurants in other countries.  Italian restaurants are different in Germany than they are in the United States.  Not vastly different but enough that it’s worth a visit.  Is it better?  No, just different.

It’s amazing how fast a week flies by when traveling.  Sigh.