Hochzeitstag (Wedding Day) – December 27, 2013

Heute ist unser Hochzeitstag.

Today is our wedding day.

Around Thanksgiving 2012 the Germans came over to visit my mom and experience an American Thanksgiving.  After the holiday, they flew north to New York City.  Mr. MM and I met them there for lunch and sightseeing.  All through lunch they kept telling us that we should really visit them in Berlin … especially at Christmas time.  We told them we would consider it especially if my mom was on board with the idea.

At this point Mr. MM and I were engaged and were infrequently talking about our wedding.  My father, whom I was very close to, passed away in 2009 so walking down the aisle was out.

I wanted a handcrafted vintage wedding but I knew I would not be able to pull off the wedding I would want.  Leaving me to be disappointed.  A co-worker and his wife had the wedding that I dreamed of.  But I didn’t want to copy someone else’s memory maker.

Old enough to know our strengths and weaknesses, Mr. MM and I went back and forth about our wedding plans and finally decided on quasi eloping … in Berlin … during the Christmas holidays 2013 … with the Germans, mom, and sister.  Texas loved the idea and said she would join us too.  Everyone was on board.

Two Americans, who live in the United State, getting married in Berlin is an oddity or so it seems.  The Germans went to their local Standesamt (civil registration office) to find out what we needed to do.  Starting in June of 2013 we began the process.  The process included one trip to the German consulate in New York City for passport review, a letter of intent, and a sworn statement that we are able to marry each other.  Birth certificates.  Divorce papers and settlement (Mr. MM). Notarized letters.  All of these items had to be translated by a certified German translator.  $3,500 later … we received approval from the German government that we could get married on December 27, 2013 at 1 pm.

The day started with all the girls going to get there hair done.  Then donned our wedding costumes and proceeded to the Steglitz-Zehlendorf Standesamt for the ceremony.  We had to show the officials that we could understand enough German to  follow the proceedings.  We got through it by the skin of our teeth!  At one point the officiant asked us if there was any reason why we are not allowed to get married such as having already been married in Las Vegas.  We answered Ja (yes) and all the German speaking family members yelled Nein (no)!

Wedding papers signed by Mr. MM, myself, and our witnesses (Sister and Texas).  Rings on.  First married kiss.

The sweetest moments were yet to come.  The Germans set up a table outside the Standesamt with champagne and treats.  A local played a vintage calliope.  We walked out to a spray of rice followed by a champagne toast.

Just across the street was a very small Christmas market so after the toast we walked over for more toasts with Gluhwein, Eierpunsh, and beer.  On to a lovely cafe for wedding cake and coffee followed by a late dinner at a traditional Bavarian German restaurant.

L to R:  Mr. & Mrs. MM in front of the Steglitz-Zehlendorf Standesamt; MM Family; Christmas Market Wedding

L to R: Mr. & Mrs. MM in front of the Steglitz-Zehlendorf Standesamt; MM Family; Christmas Market Wedding Party


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