Repurpose: Christmas Tree Skirt Alternative

Whenever I need something for a utilitarian (or not so utilitarian) purpose, I first think ‘repurpose’.  What have I bought at a flea market that I can use or what can I buy at a flea market and use?  I like objects that come with baggage … history’s patina … a story.

Our 1910 twin is a cluster of smallish rooms.  The first Christmas season posed a question … real tree or fake?  I do love a real tree but our living room is pretty tight.  During a trip to Target I spotted the perfect tree for our living room:  a 7′ tall pre-lit slim balsam fir tree.  Slim being the key word.  Nature is not familiar with slim when it comes to Christmas trees.

After a few years of covering the hideous metal base with a traditional tree skirt, I was in the market for an alternative.  Where do I go to look for inspiration?  Pinterest, of course.

I settled on the idea of using a galvanized tub as an alternative tree skirt.  But a vintage tub would feel better than a new one. I found the perfect one on Craigslist for $25.  A Nesco galvanized tub that was used by the owner’s parents for apple bobbing when she was a kid.  Baggage … patina … story.

Vintage Nesco.

Vintage Nesco.

Although the tub is 24″ in diameter, the tree base was too big.  Issue resolved:



Bricks placed in the bottom of the tub to raise the tree base to an elevation that works.

Tree assembled in the tub, canvas drop cloth added to the tub, ornaments placed, and we’re ready for Christmas.

A Manayunk Mod Christmas.

A Manayunk Mod Christmas.

We’re adding to the baggage / patina / story.

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