Junk Box

That’s what Mr. MM calls the indoor flea market I drag him to during the winter months.  I refer to this bi-monthly flea market as methadone to my flea market addiction.  Held in a warehouse building at 9th and Spring Garden, it hosts about 50 vendors.  Decent assortment of vintage goods.  Nothing to go out of your way for but desperate winter months call for desperate measures.

Yesterday a vendor was selling printing blocks three for $5.  That’s a good deal.  He had a nice collection and I brought these three home with us.

Three printing blocks.

Three printing blocks.

The bottom left block is 1″ x 1″ — for scale.  I particularly like the text on that one:  Loyalty Mercy Humanity.  A quick Google search of that ‘motto’:

Volunteer Medical Service Corps (VMSC).  In 1944 the VMSC moved from a paramilitary organization to one devoted to emergency medical care.

According to their website:  The insignia of the Corps was designed by Dr. Boston, assisted by Mr. Herbert Ruthrauff, Sr. an artist. The VMSC crest is a white shield superimposed on a caduceus, the wings and heads of the serpents extending above the top of the shield and the bottom of the staff the tails of the serpents below the shield. The shield is edged with blue and gold, the colors of the state of PA. It is divided into three fields by a green chevron with its point upward, green being the color for marking medical installations, for instance, the broad green stripe around hospital ships. In the upper left field is a gold Maltese Cross, in the upper right a Fleur-de-Lis, the insignia of scouting and placed as a tribute to the Boy Scouts of America. In the lower field is the Geneva Red Cross. This was changed in 2001 due to “Copyright” laws with the American Red Cross. The crest now bears a Gold cross in the bottom field. Across the bottom of the crest is a scroll with the motto of the VMSC in gold letters, “Loyalty, Mercy, and Humanity”.

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