The Sound of Music


… the hills are alive with the sound of music.

My favorite ‘holiday’ movie is The Sound of Music.

Unfortunately, Netflix does not stream this movie.  This year, I was hoping that someone would be putting the dvd on sale during ‘ Black Friday’.  I have not found one retailer making such an offer!  I’ve only found the multi-disc 40th anniversary dvd option for $25.  I don’t want the 40th anniversary addition.  I just want a dvd containing the movie … no sing-a-long version … no ‘extras’ … no reunion of the cast 40 years later.  Just the original full length 1965 version of the movie on dvd.  And definitely not the Carrie Underwood remake.  I even looked for it on ebay … and I made a vow never to participate in ebay nonsense again.  No luck on ebay.

As I head out today to be engulfed in ‘Black Friday’ madness, I will keep my eyes open for the Von Trapp family.  Wish me luck!

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