Wine Enthusiasts

Mr. MM and I do fancy a glass or two of wine in the evening.  Well, maybe more than a glass or two but who’s counting!  I have been squirreling away the wine corks for years.  Why?  At the time I had no reason other than thinking it was a waste to toss them.

I’ve been looking for a autumn wreath for our front door and saw a wine cork wreath on Pintrest.  Save on Crafts does a fantastic job at showing one how to make said wreath.  I bought a glue gun (should have bought a large one); glue sticks; and a 12″ straw wreath.  I had a box full of corks.


I started by hot glueing the corks to the straw wreath from the inside and worked my way out.  I forgot how much I hate hot glue.


Once I had the entire wreath covered, I started adding a few ‘random’ corks that were from our favorite wines and wines we drank in Napa.  Our favorite winery in Napa was Artesa.  Great wines, nice staff, and very cool architecture.  From their terrace, we had a foggy view all the way to San Francisco Bay.  When I look at this collections of corks, I think of all the memories associated with them.

Before hanging the wreath, Mr. MM sprayed the wreath with matte clear finishing spray.


All done!  We both agree that we need to add a bow or ‘flair’.  Maybe we’ll need to take another trip the Michael’s?  I do have enough corks to make at least one more wreath.  Maybe it’s time to start an Etsy account?

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